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    3. Application of DSP in Energy Meter
      07.05 2016

        The rapid development of the real-time digital signal treatment and super large scale integration(SLSI) technology continuously pushes the improvement of the performance of the digital signal processor, which lets it play a more and more important role in the areas, such as the signal treatment, the military and civil electrics technology, etc., and its application width and depth also continuously enlarges and deepens. The digital signal treatment has a large of advantages comparing with the anolog signal treatment, and the advantages mainly includes the high accuracy, the strong mobility , the good reliability, and easy to be large scale integration and storage, etc.Moreover, it can adopt many kinds of digital signal treatment methods and arithmetic with good performance. The core and mark of the real-time digital signal treatment technology is the digital signal processor. The bringing of the practical arithmetic, such as the rapid Fourier counterchange, etc., urges the developing of realizing the digital signal treatment. The digital signal treatment consists the practicality of the treatment of calculation.Energy Meter works as the metering tool of electricity energy, and the State Electric Power Department always attaches importance to it for many years, and the manufacturers of energy meters further tries their best to design and develop. But the design level of energy meters of our country at the president time is still kind of behindhand, and the energy meters with high accuracy mainly depend on importing. The traditional 4bit and 8bit single-chip can not meet the requirements of high-accurate metering of electricity energy because of its own limitation, but the application of DSP technology in energy meters brings a new hope for largely improving the metering accuracy of electricity energy.Application of DSP in Energy Meter As per the requirements of the function and the error accurate of energy meter, we adopts the chip of TMS320VC5402 made by IT company. In the design of procedure, it not only can finish the rapid data processing, but also can revise and compensate the non-linear distortion of system.