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    3. Our Company First Reached the Technology Research and Development Strategic Cooperation Intention with Wenzhou University
      13.10 2017

          On the afternoon of October 12, 2017, Lin Mingguang, General Manager of our company and Doctor Liu Xinfang, Technical Director of the Research and Development Center warmly welcomed Professor Xuewei, Vice President of Wenzhou University, Doctor Li Fengping, Vice President of Laser and Optoelectronic Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute of Wenzhou University, etc. The two sides held a technical exchange meeting in the conference room on the fifth floor of the company. At the meeting, General Manager Lin Mingguang briefly introduced the current development situation and the strategic planning of the company. Dr. Liu xinfang gave a brief explanation on the direction of the product research and development and some technical bottlenecks.

          Finally, the two sides had an in-depth exchange of ideas on research and development topics, such as big data and electric power cloud service, international electric power measurement, analysis, management platform and broadband electric power carrier technology etc. and have reached an initial intention for the next strategic cooperation.