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    3. Ding Minzhe, Provincial Finance Office Party Secretary, Visits Risesun for Investigation and Research
      17.09 2016

          In the afternoon of Sept. 16, 2016, Ding Minzhe-Provincial Finance Office Party Secretary, Chen Yingxu-Governor of Longwan District, Gu Wei-Deputy Governor together with the related responsible persons from Longwan District Finance Office visited us for investigation and research. Xiang Chao-President, Lin Mingguang-General Manager of Risesun with the core backbone persons accompanied the investigation and research.


          Mr. Xiang Chao introduced all of our products in details to the visiting delegation in the exhibition hall of company. Mr. Lin Mingguang subsequently made a detailed report to the visiting delegation at the meeting room regarding on the current developing situation of company and the strategic planning for the future development of enterprise, etc. We listened carefully to the guidance and suggestions from the leaders.