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    3. Provincial Advisory Committee Research Group Visited Risesun for Research
      23.06 2016

          On the afternoon of Jun. 22, 2016, Provincial Advisory Committee Research Group came to visit us under the guidance of Mr. Hu Hulin - Minister of the Ministry of Social Development. Mr. Xiang Chao - President, Mr. Lin Mingguang - General Manager and other core staffs of our company accompanied with them to do the research. Mr. Lin Mingguang – General Manger of Risesun made a detailed report about company development history, cultural concept and development plan. Besides, he focused on introducing Charging Pile Industry Project' .

          At the meeting, Advisory Committee Research Group offered the sufficient affirmation to the current development trend of our company's ‘Charging Pile Industry Project’ . Meanwhile, they made detailed analysis and guidance on charging pile from various aspects, such as its technology development space, operation mode, future market, policy space and platform provided by the government, etc.