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    3. RISESUN Smart Meter Successfully Passed DLMS Certification
      05.04 2016

          DDZY217 Single Phase Smart Electronic Meter and DTZY217 Three Phase Smart Electronic Meter researched and developed by Risesun successfully obtained DLMS certificate issued by DLMS User Association on Mar. 18, 2016 after testing and approving by DLMS User Association as per the technical standard of DLMS/ COSEM.

          DLMS/COSEM is one of the most advanced and most widely used technical standards in the present filed of international smart meter. This protocol has been adopted as the international standard of IEC62056 by International Electrotechnical Commission, and is the only protocol with the function of interconnection and interoperability at present in the world that can apply to different manufacturers, different meters, and different communication channels. With the ability for developing the qualified products as per DLMS/COSEM, it symbolizes that the technical R&D ability of this company has reached the international advanced level in this filed.

          Risesun always attaches great importance to the research and development of smart electronic meters, and established the special R&D team in Shenzhen Branch for designing, reaching and developing the product series of smart meters for the international markets as per DLMS/COSEM specification in order to provide the strong technical support for further expanding the international markets.

          Successfully obtaining DLMS certificate symbolizes that great progress has been made in the platform construction of research and development for Risesun smart meters, which has great significance for Risesun to seize the industry’s leading position in technology and in the international markets, and also provides the solid support for Risesun to establish the international brand image and further enter the international overseas markets age and further enter the international overseas markets.