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    3. Q2: What are the differences between smart energy meter and ordinary energy meter?
      07.05 2016

      A2: (1) Ordinary energy meter only has the energy metering function. While besides the basic function of energy metering, smart energy meter also has other various functions, such as data storage, real time monitoring, automatic control, information exchange, etc. Besides, it is provided with multiple functions, such as forward and reverse measurement, TOU measurement, remote meter reading, remote monitoring and control, electrical parameters measurement, security protection of consumed energy information, event logs, etc.

          (2) Compared with previous energy meters, smart energy meter is added many new functions, such as measurement information management, information management of energy consumed, monitoring of energy quantities consumed, etc., which can better provide users with accurate and timely billing function.

          (3) It has the bidirectional metering function and supports the distributed energy utilization. In addition to recording the import energy, it also can record the export energy. If the user is self-built with distributed clean energy generation facilities, such as wind energy, solar energy, etc., it can realize to transmit the spare energy to power grid when the generated power cannot be exhausted, thus achieve energy conservation and environmental protection to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, create low carbon life and improve the users' economic benefits.