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    3. Q3: What are the main advanced features of smart energy meter?
      07.05 2016

      A3: (1) Appearance and structure unification: The type specification promulgated by State Grid Company makes specific requirements on smart energy meters' dimension and layout, and even the LCD display interface, which is convenient for detection, installation and maintenance.  


          (2) Application function extension: Except traditional metering function, smart energy meter also carries out application extension on various functions, such as energy day freezing, historical energy data query, exception management, etc.


          (3) Communication protocol concretion: Via DLT/645-2007 The communication protocol of multifunction energy meter and its filling documents, it makes an elaboration on message formation, field definition, etc., which can ensure the compatibility among energy meters produced by different manufacturers.


          (4) Interface display diversity: On the LCD display of local IC card prepaid energy meter, in addition to seeing users' this month power consumption, it can also display various information including current tariff, by which users can judge current power consumption status.


          (5) Information exchange securitization: Compared with traditional energy meters, smart energy meters all have ESAM module, which carriers out encryption authentication to important information such as power purchase, control, etc.